An Introductory Backstage Training and Career Development Course

Established in 2010, Crewclass is a leader in the field of backstage crew training for stage jobs and technical theatre production.
As well as hosting the popular, bi-monthly, one day introductory seminars for aspiring stage crew professionals, Crewclass has a track record in creating bespoke induction & training videos for established crewing companies, and developing specific workshops for theatre crews and amateur societies.



“I enrolled in CrewClass at a time where I knew that I wanted a career in live music production but lacked confidence. I was confused as to how get a PAID job after volunteering at various festivals. Taking Crew Class brought me down to Earth. I’ve gained an absolute understanding about what my next career step should be and Simon has given me the confidence to continue pursuing my dream along with valuable crewing and production knowledge. If you are serious about getting into crewing or production but don’t know where to start Crew Class is an absolute must!”

Lee-Anne Inglis.
Crew Class Attendee


“We are delighted with this video. It’s not just about packing trucks and pushing boxes; the broader the range of skills our crew have, the better the service our clients receive. Plus it’s about attitude and professionalism, and we feel that Simon gets this just right. To have his presentations “on tap” will be a great training resource for us going forward”.

Brian Goulding.
Managing Director.
Ace Crew, London


“We feel that offering a basic professional induction, delivered by a credited industry practitioner, will serve us well. Not only will our volunteers have confidence, and competence, on their first day, but we, as a society, will have confidence in our newbies! It’s a win-win situation.”

St. Neots Players




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