About Crewclass


With a career spanning over 20 years in live showbusiness, Simon Lovelace is one of the most
knowledgeable and experienced all-round crewmen working in the UK today. He is also an excellent communicator. In his one day course, entitled “CREWCLASS”, he imparts all the basic knowledge required to transform an absolute beginner with nothing to offer but interest and passion into an employable entry-level stagehand.

Simon says…

Crewclass founder Simon Lovelace“The concept was born of frustration, in a way. In my role as senior crewman/crew boss
at major venues in recent years I have been frustrated by the lack of basic knowledge in new recruits on the crew.

A busy production environment is not the place to be asking basic questions about the work in hand, particularly when more experienced members of the crew have to stop what they’re doing in order to answer them! Also, it is my belief that the days of on-the-job training are over. Budget and therefore time constraints no longer allow the luxury of new recruits being an “extra man” on the crew with no real production duties other than to foot the ladder and watch and learn.

Every member of a production crew needs to be useful and useable from day one. A basic knowledge has to be in place so they can hit the ground running”.

The course does what it says on the tin – The Essential INTRODUCTION to World Class Crewing.

We cover a little bit of everything: personal presentation, attitude, health & safety, basic ground rules of conduct.

Then it’s lights, sound, set design and construction, stage management. Finally we have a “which way now” section where we discuss career paths, higher education, and employment opportunities with agencies and organisations aware of Crewclass, followed by an informal free drink mix and mingle in the theatre bar with invited industry professionals.

“I wanted to drop you an email to thank you for the Crew Class workshop. It was a fantastic event, and I came away with a far wider understanding of stagecraft than I had when I arrived. I really hope that your plans for a tour take shape as I really feel that it’s an excellent concept that a lot of younger people with an interest in this kind of work would benefit from.”

Michael Weatherston.
Crew Class Attendee


“Thanks so much for the crewclass event. I thought it was really informative and
fun and I still learnt a great deal.”

Ben Cowen.
Crew Class Attendee