Backstage Training Opportunity with Crewclass
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There’s less than a fortnight to go until the next Crewclass Training day at The Arcola Theatre London E8 on Saturday the 2nd July 2016. Running from 10.00 to 18.00, with drinks in the bar afterwards, the event includes the … Read More

Volunteering at UK Music Festivals?
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I’m literally split three ways about this whole volunteering at music festivals thing. The professional production crewman in me say’s “no, no, no”. Because, when you think about it, for every volunteer present onsite there are two people going unpaid … Read More

Backstage Work at Edinburgh Festival
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Simon Lovelace, Course Developer & Presenter of Crewclass says: Going to work at Edinburgh Festival is almost a requirement in developing ones career as a professional in the backstage and production industry. Potential employers like to see it on the … Read More

Looking at the Crewclass Backstage Training Audience
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When I started Crewclass Backstage Training in 2010 I assumed that my audience would be almost exclusively young men wanting to get into rock concert touring. That assumption has been proved wrong time and time again, and this months Crewclass … Read More

Is there a need for An Essential Introduction to World Class Crewing?
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Crewclass is biased, obviously. Crewclass argues that there IS a need for an Essential Introduction to World Class Crewing. Were you once that person who had landed their first crewing job? Excited and delighted to be there, either through blind … Read More

Let’s talk about Sex(ism) !
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This is a link to an online questionnaire posted by a university student exploring sexism in the backstage environment. It’s an interesting topic, and Crewclass has replied to it. But is sexism too strong a word? As it infers actual … Read More

Mid-Life Career Changers
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This is a subject that Crewclass will be focussing on in 2016. There is a lot of incentive at the moment for the Production Industry to take on young apprentices, and this is fine and applauded by Crewclass. But there … Read More

Diversity in the Entertainment Industry
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Diversity in the Entertainment Industry is this years hot topic. Countless bloggers and industry observers have pointed out the lack of black faces at this years movie and tv award ceremonies, but that’s just the beginning of the story. When … Read More