Is there a need for An Essential Introduction to World Class Crewing?

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Crewclass is biased, obviously. Crewclass argues that there IS a need for an Essential Introduction to World Class Crewing.

Were you once that person who had landed their first crewing job? Excited and delighted to be there, either through blind luck or good contact’s, and was outpaced and bamboozled by the scale and speed of what was going on around you? Surrounded by people who obviously knew exactly what they were doing and simply didn’t have the time, or possibly, inclination, to help you along on your first day?

If that didn’t happen to you, great!

But It Happens.

Maybe you are someone who invested an awful lot of time and money into one of the Degree courses in backstage disciplines? Only to find that, once you arrived in the workplace, a lot of your knowledge was invalid, outdated, or irrelevant, and the stuff you really needed to know had been glossed over or simply not referred to? Or, worse, what you’ve been taught and led to believe with all your heart is dismissed as “bunkum”?

That Happens Too.

Fast forward a few years, and now you are the person under a deadline and a budget who needs your crew to understand and respond to your instructions quickly and efficiently. When faced with new crew members as referred to above, what do you do?

We all try to be kind, we are not malevolent bullies. But if someone onsite is not up to scratch, we will be dissatisfied, and we haven’t got the time to take them under our wing and explain things. They will probably get side-lined. This is not their fault, neither is it ours. It’s just the nature of things. But the new guy – or gal – doesn’t get a glowing reference and won’t be the first to be invited back next time.

That is unfair.

Crewclass exists to give that basic knowledge:- hardware identification, how to coil a cable, stage orientation, how to “Belgian” a flightcase, what the Zarges are! Basic stuff that you need to know right from day 1. As well as the “Universal Truths” of crewing such as don’t be late, don’t be hung-over, no you’re not going to meet the band!

Crewclass stands by its offering. What do you think?

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